Wildlife Behavior and Removal

Many wildlife, such as bats have been found in the Chicago area. Most of them carry rabies, which although rare, is a very fatal if one is bitten or scratched and infected by rabid bat. It is most important to take necessary precautions to avoid all encounters and exposures from bats.

Some major areas of concern regarding bats consist of bats found in the home. Particularly if there’s a bat found in the room with an unattended child or if the bat is found in a room where someone was sleeping. Since bats have very small teeth, a bite from a bat may not have very visible marks. Normally undetected by the person who was a bitten. If a bat is found in the home, it’s important that the bat be captured and taken to a laboratory for testing for rabies. In any case, medical attention should be sought after if a human comes in contact with the bat.

batsBats typically sleep in roosts, normally during the day and come out at dusk. They’re often are part of the colony and pose a major problem with bat droppings and urine that can also cause property damaged if not removed properly.

Bats are typically found living in an attic or in chimneys. If a bat is found in a home, it’s important to get out of the home as quickly and as safely as possible then call for assistance. Bats should never be trapped, but should be removed properly (excluded) by a professional wildlife control expert.

Other wildlife such as opossums, are also considered pest species as a result of their habitat and scavenging. They normally live in attics, under deck’s or under houses. They are known for stealing pet food, birdseed and for creating quite a disturbance when they are in the presence of dogs or other pets. They are also known for stealing garbage and spreading fleas and parasites. They enjoy living in human type structures and are particularly fond of attics. Homeowners due to the nuisance of their behavior often request opossum removal. They are relatively easy to trap although they require proper safety precautions. Wildlife removal requires special skills and can be very complex for the average person. That’s why a professional wildlife control specialist should assist with rescuing opossums and other wildlife in your area.

Woodpeckers, another nuisance to property owners, (and a costly one at that) are known for causing severe damage mainly to property owners whose homes contain wood. Particularly redwood, cedar, channeled plywood, fir, pine, and other rustic looking plywood. Many homeowners may want to solve their woodpecker problems themselves. However, woodpeckers are protected species and are protected by state and federal laws. These laws indicate that they are not to be killed or captured. A professional should be sought after or other non-fatal methods should be considered as a deterrent. Woodpeckers are known for drilling into a variety of forms of wood siding and window frames, trim boards, and eaves. Their damage normally creates a swiss cheese look to a normally beautiful surface.

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